Monday, February 01, 2021



Imbolc rain
snow transmogrifies to slush
Saint Brigid weeps

Not sure when February became another poetry month but it did and it is and it's all about haiku which is such a subtly difficult form to do properly. Already I'm questioning the authenticity of this one. I know 5/7/5 is not what haiku in English are about, but this one is a 3/7/4 and the 7 was quite unintentional. Actually, I first had the second line as snow turns to slush but it seemed so trite and how often do you get to use transmogrify in any form, so...

But you know me, always up for a challenge in Poetryland and so we begin. Can I do one every day this month? 

We shall see.


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Kristin said...

Or imbolic for that matter.