Sunday, August 02, 2020



Okay, okay, it's suddenly August and I haven't posted anything since the end of April. I know. I'm a slacker in blog land.

Slacker in Blog Land. There's a title. 

So thanks to Facebook friends I just heard about this thing people do in August called the Sealey Challenge whereby you commit to reading a book—or chapbook—of poetry, every day, for the month. As luck would have it, today's only the 2nd, and further to that, I actually read a chapbook yesterday, so I'm counting it, and am going to attempt this, and not only that, I'm going to blog about them. 

If you're anything like me (and if you are, you have my sympathy), you have a bit of a collection of poetry  books that you may or may not have actually read. Oh, I've opened all of them. Read one or two, or a dozen, or all of the poems within. But to be honest, I have so many books I haven't read all of...and I think it's about time I rectified that.

So I will do a separate posts on the books I read this month. And I'll likely focus on chapbooks, as that's what I publish, and, come to that, that's what I've been published in. 

I can't say much about the first one, the one I read yesterday, because I was reading it whilst wearing my Nose in Book Publishing hat, it's one I'm in the process of publishing! 

I have a couple of links to share.

First, and I've already posted about this one, I read several poems for National Poetry Month and you can catch the videos here.

Then there's Paul Nelson's interview with me about August postcard poems, now known as POPO. 

And a few of weeks ago I got an email from a blogger from Virginia who came across an old poem of mine online at Your Daily Poem and wondered if she could use it in her blog. And this is the result. And here's my mom who's now living at Jubilee Manor as did my aunt when I wrote that poem, when she turned 100 at the beginning of June. 

Here she is with her grandson, Jesse, his partner, Cheralynne, and their boy, Kyran, her great-grandson

With Ben, Jubilee's resident cat. He's turning 22 this month, which makes them around the same age!

100 years young!

I hope you're staying well in these crazy COVID times. Wear a damned mask!

Me and Ted in May, wearing our Mexican fabric masks made by our friend Cheryl Malmo

Having a COVISIT with Rita Moir, at Lakeside Park in Nelson at the end of July



LT said...

I am not going to promise to read that many BUT I am reading Louise Gluck (which is a collection of her early first four books of poems) - It's a wonderful read. I am going slow to digest them.

Linda Crosfield said...

Thanks for reading—and for your comments which I just found because I decided I'm going to try to write a haiku (or senyru, more likely) every day this month for NaHaiWriMo. I hope I do better than the August read-a-book-a-day challenge. What was I thinking! I'm the world's slowest reader, just for a start. Remember those ads in newspapers from long ago? To do with speed reading? I always wanted to answer that one. Louise Gluck is a marvellous poet, isn't she?