Thursday, March 26, 2020



So Bronwyn came up with a great idea and got us all together yesterday—Victoria, Kelowna, Rutland, Ootischenia, Nelson, and the North Shore—for 5 o'clock cocktails and baby-meeting! Gin and tonic proved a popular choice, as well as beer.

We've been getting together for decades now, some of us. Summer wouldn't be complete without visits that include barbecues, swimming, and hiking.

Family Soup

Sparse clouds poised above the mountains,
sun-filled sky courts the unrelenting blue,
someone gets ready to dive in
and we all decide to,
gathering on dock’s edge
in a plump to skinny assortment
of almost seventy down to nine,
someone yells on-your-mark, three-two-one,
someone captures us mid-air with a camera
and we’re all in the water,
bobbing and laughing,
a soup of family afloat in memory-making
while on shore the littlest ones, 
not swimmers yet, look on and plot
how they’re going to do this next year.

So that was a few years ago (2013, as it happens), and now we're all tucked away in our various homes as we all try to curb the spread of this virus.

Kiisa wanted to be part of the festivities, too
We were all excited to meet Fox! That's him, upper left, not quite 3 weeks old!
Rare sighting of the 16-year-old (lower left)

(*back of the neck, a baby body part highly prized by Lees!)
See you all next week!

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