Monday, April 09, 2018



GloPoWriMo says, "...write a poem in which something big and something small come together."  

Jeez. For some reason, the Muse ain't in the room today. I put this to my current companions—husband and best old friend since the 60s. 


"What about a fart that fills an entire room?" 
One of the helpful suggestions. 

Doesn't even rhyme.

This poetry thing can be hard.

Of course it's stupid; it's poetry.

You've got a framework? You just need to hang the ornaments, right?

I should do a catalogue of Linda faces.


I have to rejoin the conversation. Here is my poem. 

Wish I was here!

Tiny Big

small town            metropolis

       quail's egg                       sourdough toast

   mountain climber                look up, look up

777                                      sky

               seed                                    tree

             Earth                                    a tiny universe

newborn                                          world 

          raindrop                       puddle  

 golf ball                          green

word                                      all this, all this, all this   



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