Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hard to believe, but SELKIRK COLLEGE is 40 years old. All kinds of activities were planned to celebrate. First, there was a slow pitch game between Writers and Faculty. Writers won, thanks to organizer Almeda Glenn Miller salting the team with some of her (young/athletic) writing students.

In the evening there was a dinner followed by a panel discussion of the sense of place in writing. Here, Fred Wah weighs in, while Susan Andrews Grace looks on.

Then it was Susan's turn. Almeda helps with the mic.

Calvin Wharton was the third panelist.

And here's Holley Rubinsky, who interviews BC authors Bill Gaston, Anne Fleming, John Lent, and the inimitable Tom Wayman on The Writer's Show on Kootenay Co-op Radio Thursdays at noon, or you can listen on your own time since all the shows are or will be archived on the Internet.

The room was full of writers, of course. Here's Holly Phillips, who found out earlier in the day that she's this year's winner of the Sunburst Award for her collection of slipstream fiction called In the Palace of Repose. In the background is Rita Moir.

George Bowering was not able to attend as planned because of a death in the family.

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