Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Early October found me in East Vancouver for a much-anticipated reunion of some of the members of George Bowering's poetry group at VSW in 2005.

This is Kim Clark.

And this is Pat Smekal.

Paul Nelson, who bravely took on the role of only American and only male.

Leslie McBain.

Rose Marie Sackela.

Valerie Fetherston.

Rhonda Ganz.

Here we are, doing what we did, beginning with an arrival stir-fry dinner with George and Jean, thanks to the culinary efforts of Rhonda et al. The next day George was called away because of a death in the family.

Every day we sat around the big coffee table (which, with the addition of a couple of mattresses, doubled as a bed) talking poetry and critiquing each other's poems...

...a process that really wore some of us out.

As well as doing a little home cooking, we sampled some of the wonderful variety of ethnic restaurants in the area (which was King Edward and Fraser/Main). Here we are at Nyala African Cuisine on Main Street...

...where we were served delicious food presented like this.

Another night we had Thai food.

Another time we went to Himalaya, an Indian restaurant on Main that had a great smorg as well as desserts that looked like this.

But we didn't just eat. Oh no. There was food for the mind, too. One day five of us sat in or outside (did I mention the fine weather?) different caf├ęs on Main Street between 23rd and 27th and wrote for an hour about what we saw. Here's Kim sitting at the corner she staked out.

One night we went to a reading by Alberta-born New York City poet Alan Davies at the Kootenay School of Writing's Vancouver headquarters on West Hastings Street.

And on the last night four of us went to Commercial Drive to hear the Colorifics who were, at the risk of dragging out that which has probably been dragged out before, terrific. Three of us bought the CD (the fourth already had it). Can't say better than that.

The last four standing...unfortunately I didn't manage to get a group shot with all 8 of us.

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Razovsky said...

Looks like another great time. You seem to have a lot of those.

By the way, I really like the word "smorg." We call 'em "buffets." There's a terrible little Chinese one in Castlegar, isn't there?

Stu (coming back your way in January!)