Wednesday, April 28, 2021



"Our prompt today (optional, as always), is to write a poem that poses a series of questions. The questions could be a mix of the serious (“What is the meaning of life?”) and humorous (“What’s the deal with cats knocking things off tables?”), the interruptive (“Could you repeat that?”) and the conversational (“Are those peanuts? Can I have some?”). You can choose to answer them – or just let the questions keep building up, creating a poem that asks the reader to come up with their own answer(s)."


Who was I in a past life and if there is a past life is there a future life?

What does it matter?

When will my mother die and when she does will she really be dead to me?

Where are the answers to my life's big questions? 

Why do I keep picking at them as if at a scab that as a consequence will never heal?

Why is it so difficult to write of this?

Where will I find the truth to the story of my father had two wives?

When did I realize it is possible to have three fathers?

What is the point of even asking about life's big questions?

Who are all these people and why do they keep invading my poems?



Kristin said...

Interesting questions to which I will never have an answer.

Judy Dykstra-Brown said...

Who was I in a past life and if there is a past life is there a future life?
These are questions that I think about more frequently the older I get. Have you read "The Midnight Library?" An intriguing read. Are you going to La Manzanilla next year? If so, why don't you drop by Lake Chapala as well? Miss you guys...