Friday, August 31, 2018



Another month has flown by. At some point earlier this year I swore I was going to post something at least every month. Missed February, but if I type fast, I can still nail down August.

August was busy busy. Company came and went, forest fires raged all over the province and it was horribly smokey but the swimming was good.

Smoke hanging over everything, obscuring the mountains, making it hard to breathe. Ootischenia, August 2018.

I spent quite a bit of time in the basement where it was cooler. Wearing my Nose in Book Publishing hat I finished making 250 copies of a chapbook, Migration Songs, edited by Stephen Collis, Lorna Crozier and Kurt Trzcinski, which was commissioned for the International Ornithological Congress and Vancouver Bird Festival that just wrapped up in Vancouver. Eleven poets were paired with scientists to converse and write about various birds.

Cutting, scoring and folding covers
Getting the text block into the covers
Sewing chapbook with new assistant, Kiisa, keeping an eye on things
(Very heavy) box of books, ready to go!
Finished chapbook features cover art by annie ross

Table of Contents. Look at all the wonderful poets in there!
I thoroughly enjoyed putting this one together, and now I'm working on two more!

In other news, my friend and fellow poet, Bobbie Ogletree, is moving away and our poetry group is sure going to miss her. We'll still meet via the magic of Skype or FaceTime or one of those, same as we do when I'm in Mexico. But it's not the same. Bon voyage, Bobbie and Freya. Sechelt is so lucky to have you!

Susan Andrews Grace and Bobbie Ogletree
Susan and Bobbie
Jane Byers
And, in other other news, my poetry manuscript received another glowing rejection. Frankly, this is getting a little tiresome! Oh well. Back on the horse and all that.

See you in September.


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