Monday, May 14, 2018



Mother's Day. For years whenever any of us called Mom on "her day" the first thing she said was, "God couldn't be everywhere..." which was a nod to the sampler my grandmother (Mom's mom) had in a frame that said, "God couldn't be everywhere so He made mothers", an aphorism said to be either a Jewish proverb or a quotation by Rudyard Kipling, at least according to Google. For decades I thought it was Nana's! 

When I became a mother myself I used to love the cute cards that came home, first from Daycare, then for a few years at least, from school. 

One year I got the following poem written by Jesse Lee (this post is mostly food- and Mom-related, but this is a poetry blog so I have to stuff some poetry in here somehow) when he was about six. 

I love you when you're cooking
I love you at the sink
I wish that you'd wear something
something that is pink

I should point out that the "I wish that you'd wear something" line does not in any way indicate him having had a mother who cooked naked. Nor did I wear a lot of pink. I think he was going for the rhythm/rhyme thing.

The day before this year's event, over morning coffee, I got out my new Whitewater Cooks book, a Christmas gift from Mom, as it happens, but then I went off to Mexico so I hardly had a chance to look at it, never mind try making anything from it. 

This was the first Mother's Day in recent memory we didn't take Mom out for a walk and something to eat. Walking is getting harder for her so this year we decided my sisters would bring her to Ootischenia and I'd make brunch. After a delightful browse through the new book, I chose a couple of recipes that fairly begged to be prepped in advance and refrigerated for a few hours if not over night. My kind of event cooking.

In honour of the book having been a Christmas present I decided to try the Christmas Breakfast Strata that involved the ripping apart of half a dozen croissants and putting half in a casserole dish... 
followed by sautéing some vegetables and pouring a spiced-up cream and eggs brew over the veggies and croissants...
then adding a bunch of cheese and the rest of the bread. 
I also made a chicken recipe from the book but couldn't lay my hands on any tamarind paste at the last minute so it was the tamarind-yoghurt chicken with spices but without the tamarind. Still pretty darned good.
Lemon pie for dessert. 

Once again, I managed to find a card that worked.
The consensus was that the sentiment was correct!
Mother's Day 2018

And how did all that taste? The chicken was absolutely delicious. The Christmas Breakfast Strata proved a hit with everyone and we agreed it's a keeper, especially when you want an easy dish for a special day. It's not particularly low in calories; so sue me. Next time I'll add even more vegetables than the 2 cups that were called for. And I might even cut back a little on the cheese; but not the gruyere—its flavour shone. 

Thumbs—and weight—up!



Trade Names said...

Truly Loved all you wrote and entered here. Would I ever Love to sit at your dinner table and just dig in. You mastered the event beautifully. I know you can do it, even if you were not wearing pink !
Love you Yogurt

Linda Crosfield said...

Love you back! xoxo