Tuesday, April 24, 2018



Goldie, my sweet little laptop, had to be rushed off to Emergency yesterday, so I didn't manage to post anything for National Poetry Month. After an intervention she was discharged late this afternoon. She's currently busy trying to recreate herself, but we've managed to get this far so...

I think I'll just try to play catch-up here.

Yesterday's prompt from Glo/NaPoWriMo was to write a poem based in sound. "It could incorporate overheard language" or "a song lyric" or "language from something often heard spoken aloud (a prayer, a pledge, the Girl Scout motto)".

Yesterday the unthinkable happened in Toronto. Ten people dead, people who were out walking in the spring shine, buying groceries, hurrying to appointments, doing what people do in a day. Like many of us, I'm both angry and sad.

Supertramp is one of my favourite bands, ever. When I get home (still house/pet sitting) I'll take my own photo of my own copy of this album. Meanwhile, this grainy, no doubt illegal screenshot will have to do.

Is Anybody Listening

All the world's a stage
still, there are bad actors
may we stop a minute 
appreciate what's good in the unthinkable
find heroes in places you'd least expect
pull hatred up by its bootstraps 
and still have time 
to squeeze a tear from a desolate eye
listen to a neighbour
hug a friend.

Crisis? What crisis?


Addendum, May 15, 2018

Just realized I did post something on the 23rd, only I did it from my phone and without realizing I put it on the blog page of my Wordpress website which is only supposed to have a link to this blog. 

It looked like this:

DAY 23: WHEN COMPUTERS GO ROGUE—#bookspinepoetry

Pardon my learning curve. Apparently I can post from my phone. I’ll try not to obsess about the sans serif font I can’t seem to change.
My sweet little laptop is sickly and has to spend the night in the hospital under observation. I was going to make a thoughts and prayers comment but, but, Toronto happened and I’m just sad. And angry. And so, so worried about our planet.
Phew! Glad I got that sorted out. I liked this #bookspinepoem, too.
As you were. Over and out.

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