Wednesday, December 06, 2017


Chapbooks from Nose in Book, so far
This year I've had the honour and pleasure to make two chapbooks: It Hurt, That's All I Know by Nelson poet, Jane Byers; and I just finished packing up and shipping out my latest project, Our Own Stunned Heads, a serial poem chapbook by Victoria, BC poet, 
Stephen Bett.

With Jane Byers and her chapbook, It Hurt, That's All I Know
I operate Nose in Book Publishing out of my basement lair in Ootishenia. Before I get to the putting-together stage in these pictures I've spent some time putting the words into book form. I love that part of the process—where to break a stanza, should the page numbers be up to the right or bottom centre, font size, what to do about the cover—but the last bit, as chronicled here, is so very satisfying. 

Stack of covers and text, ready to go
First cut takes excess paper off the sides. I want a fold, but not too big.
Cut the top and bottom to size. It's important to keep changing the blade.
Score the cover with bone creaser to facilitate folding

Fold in the flaps 
The cover, ready to receive the text

Insert the text block 
Use an awl to punch three holes in the spine 

The actual sewing takes less than a minute

Tie a knot 

Snip off excess thread


Not quite done. Now the books go into the press for at least a day.
They emerge nice and flat
Books everywhere
Last one!


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