Wednesday, April 13, 2016



"Travel websites have always intrigued me with their language," says today's prompt from Found Poetry Review, this one by Sennah Yee who continues, "—visual, lush, and sometimes a bit dramatic and naive.
Browse travel websites and write down any words/phrases that interest you: descriptions and/or customer reviews of resorts, landmarks, attractions, hotels, restaurants, etc.
Craft a poem using only these words/phrases. You may arrange them in any way you wish."
This old airline/travel agent person could probably do this one without going to a website, but go I did, anyway. Without further ado:

We Have Friends Who Do Just About Everything

It was worth the trip,
sprawling views of the city,
take advantage, great fares, book now.

Words can't, pictures don't,
some restrictions may apply,
sit back and enjoy a craft beer.
A new class of travel,
unforgettable experience,
no better way to the crystal clear cascade.

Nestled in a district of 
sex shops and strip clubs,
went out early, stayed out late as we could.

More than just a flight,
unforgettable night,
it's a wonder of the world—it's amazing.

Smelt a bit musty,
perhaps I was a sea dog,
or other magnificent remains.

A new class of travel,
great fares, no hassle,
pass the picturesque waterfalls. 

Bit of grime between the tiles,
pretty dirty, full of crumbs,
in dire need of renovation.

Warm up, escape to, 
fly to, enjoy—
a one of a kind experience.

To call this a 'fleabag'
an unconscionable insult
to both fleas and bags everywhere.

Non-stop savings, 
non-stop flights, 
pictures don't do this place justice.

Weird screams in the morning,
haunted sink and screaming toilet
gave the bathroom personality.

One thing we can promise—
spontaneous moments.
We'll be back; everything was superb.

Many thanks to TripAdvisor, Air Canada, The Copper Beach House Hotel, and Hilarious Bad Hotel Reviews for the words I mixed and matched, and to the Drover's Inn, a hotel on the West Highland Way where today's picture was taken. 


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