Sunday, April 03, 2016



What the heck is that, you might well ask! Well, today's Found Poetry Review prompt comes from Nico Vassilakis and it goes like this: 

"Stare at a word until the letters start to discorporate. You will find that letter cohesion, the letter glue that keeps letters stuck inside a word, is disrupted and dissolves. Fragments of letters will dislodge too. You are then free to visually interpret or document the life of letters outside their word existence as loosely or succinctly as possible."

This would fall into the category of Vispo, or Visual Poetry, of which I know very little. But in the spirit of National Poetry Month I'm game to try anything, and at the bottom of the page with the prompt I saw the words "Share on: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest" so I decided to concentrate on the word Twitter. 

To do this, I fired up Word and put TWITTER in the middle of the page in a large font size. Then I moved the screen back and forth until, just like Nico says, the letters started to discorporate, sort of like those Magic Eye pictures you stare at kind of cross-eyed for a bit until a hidden 3-D image emerges. For example (and really, what are the odds that here I am, in a tiny Mexican town, and I just happen to have a book of Magic Eye postcards thanks to my friend Eileen who brought them to me because she knows I do the August Postcard Poem Fest!), you're probably seeing a blob of yellowishness but I'm seeing a deer head complete with antlers!

I think the fact that I'm very near-sighted may have helped with the disincorporation of the letters, for soon I started to see things like, well, what you see below in the photo I took of my screen. The smaller font T's at the top suggest TV, which is what happened when the W became two V's. Then my head scrambled about in this mire and found witter and tie and twee and wit and wet and, inevitably, tit. By now my brain was starting to do that achy Magic Eye thing it does when I do too many of them, so it seemed only right to end it with Ewwwwww.

So there you have it. I have no idea if that's the sort of thing that is supposed to happen with Vispo, but it's what happened on Day 3 for me and it was actually quite fun!



S.E.Ingraham said...

Well done Linda! I'm impressed ... I tried a similar experiment but could not for the life of me get my word(s) - I tried several - to dissolve. Finally visited to Nico's website or blog, can't remember which and found something I thought I could do and went with that ...

Linda Crosfield said...

Thanks, Sharon. It turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be when I first read the prompt. I'm wanting to change something already, of course. And maybe I just will!