Monday, April 18, 2016



Today we have a new toy to play with. Let me introduce "The Deletionist", from today's Found Poetry Review prompter, Amaranth Borsuk who had a hand in its creation.  Here's what the prompt looks like (she had two others as well):

The Deletionist Assist

The Deletionist is a JavaScript bookmarklet that Nick Montfort, Jesper Juul and I made. It converts any webpage into an erasure using a series of constraints from which it selects the one that reveals the most interesting “Worl” within the World Wide Web.
  1. Go to and drag the icon on the page into your browser’s bookmarks bar.
  2. Go to several website you’d like to erase (gmail will let you get personal, Project Gutenberg will provide interesting source material, and will provide contemporary flavor–open a number of sites in different browser windows).
  3. Click the “Deletionist” bookmark and watch the dutiful Deletionist remove most of the language on your page. Harvest any phrases that interest you (you won’t always get phrases, so if you don’t like the results, try another site).
  4. Use this material for poems or screencapture page results you like.
Today, I'm going the easy route with a couple of screen captures. When I was working with books (Alice in Wonderland, Lorna Doone, Peter Pan) in the Gothenburg Project I got single words beginning with "k" and single words ending in "ed" predominately, depending on the book. Then I wandered over to my website and hit up the "Poems" page. A few phrases happened. And then I went to my own blog (ie. here), a rather long post from October 2013, and that's where the screen shots are from. I tried another post with lots of words and got "to" and "be" exclusively, which must mean I'm channeling Shakespeare!






Is this a meta-poem of my own poem? Once again, this exercise has massaged my brain in places that don't usually get attention and I'm very grateful for that.


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