Monday, April 25, 2016



Day #25 for Na/GloPoWriPo as National Poetry Month draws to a close. Today's prompt suggests we take a line from someone else's poem and riff a poem off that. I'm going to dive into some old blog posts of mine and find a poem and pull a line and ... we have a winner! I'm starting with a line from the long poem that makes up Susan Andrews Grace's book, Philosopher at the Skin Edge of Being

Life Shuffles By

A snail shell stripped to beauty, 
a rosebud on the cusp of opening, 
a tongue about to speak— 
the ruts and seams of 


shuffles by, old and obscure 
prop up the brash and new,
or vice versa, heads shaken,
someone frowns, echoes warn
/inform what lies 

                   /are told


1 comment:

Selena Moonshadow said...

Wonderful write, I loved the creative word-weaving at the ending, and there was something about imagining a snail stripped to beauty.