Monday, April 20, 2015



NaPoWriMo, you're just the best! Today's challenge? Write about what you know.


You know the difference between the last intense
stage of labour and the sting of a disturbed sting ray,
and it isn't much.

You know the reason birds sing and sing
they can't not
they have something to say and they're saying it.

You know there are more greens than there are names—
chartreuse, sage, hunter, pastel, forest, blue,
and none of them describe the nascent aspen on the mountain.

You know the way it feels to wake up in the morning
and not know where you are
or who that is.

You know your life is more than half gone
and look! those hands, that wrinkled face,
those inward-facing toes.

You know you've loved it here on Earth
stinky cities, stinkier outhouses,
a mountaintop, a farmer's field in Spain.

You know you are loved and all is possible.
Hockey's on, the playoffs at hand,
and night descends as Equinox approaches.


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Anonymous said...

Hahaha....creative one for the theme :)