Friday, May 02, 2014



I'm sitting in the living room at Spring Street Centre in Seattle, surrounded by poets. If I could be happier, I'm not sure how. This is Day 2 of the 2nd Cascadia Poetry Festival. Here are some pictures from Day 1. There was a reading by several poets, many of whom are published in the Mother Tongue Publishing anthology Force Field. I'm rushing to get this posted before my battery dies on this thing, hence the terseness. More pictures tomorrow!

David Fraser, Yvonne Blomer and Judith Roche circle the dining table. The food has been spectacular.

Paul E. Nelson, who is the main organizer of the festival.

Joanne Arnott

Kim Goldberg

Heidi Greco

Ursula Vaira, poet and Leaf Press  publisher 

Joanne Kyger

Paul Nelson: poet, SPLAB organizer, Cascade Poetry Festival organizer, and breakfast cook

Judith Roche, Joanne Arnott, Paul Nelson, Warren Dean Fulton and Kim Goldberg

Me and Lowell Murphree who I met online through ModPo a couple of years ago and finally got to meet in the flesh.


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Mary Ann Moore said...

Great pics Linda. Thank you. At first I thought your arm was on Lowell's knee but then I saw it was the arm of the chair.