Sunday, April 06, 2014



Poem a day, poem a day, poem a day.

Today's prompt was supposed to be easier than yesterday's, just write a list of nouns, a list of colours, a list of simple verbs and put something together. Sort of a "make your own prompt" poem. 

Well, I've been putting something together, all right. It's called "packing". We're out of here tomorrow, and right now I want nothing more than to run down to Pedro's By the Sea for a last margarita, so here goes today's poem:

Wig and Bikini Poem

Today it's blowing up a storm,
wind from the sea producing breakers
that only the very brave attempt to breach.

Yesterday, Pedro says, a wave
completely removed a young woman's bikini.
This is one reason I don't wear them any more,

that and the fact they don't much come in my size now.
One time in Barbados I wore a wig while walking
(oh, the excitement of an accidental alliteration!)

and lost it to a wave just like the girl and the bikini.
I caught it before it was swept out, but it was never the same. 
Now I can't even remember why I wore one, 

except that my hair was curly and it was straight. 
Grass always greener. Are we ever happy?



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