Sunday, April 27, 2014



Another ekphrastic exercise for today's prompt. Write a poem triggered by a photograph. There are four possible ones to use here, but I was thinking of using one of my own. Because I'm still not back a month from Mexico and the weather here has been cold, grey, and wet for days, I find myself thinking back to that warmer climate. But at least with rain you don't have to shovel it! So here's one of the pictures from the NaPoWriMo prompt.

On a Winter's Night We Take Refuge

In tandem or alone, every footstep tells a story:
boots too tight, feet too cold to take another step,
slippery patches concealed by a gentle crust,
the fence iced over. Mailbox openings obscured,
cars disguised as great white boulders,
stairways rendered impassible, 
trees just waiting for the right open collar
to pass beneath before they unleash their load.
Unlit lamps relax, enjoy too-few daylight hours. 
A dog makes its way along the edge of the sidewalk. 
There is, and there is no anonymity here. 
We all leave a trace.

Nothing for it but to wrap the cloak of winter 
round shiver-shoulders and stay indoors. 
Let the fire crackle on the hearth,
let cider stay warm in the crockpot, 
let the squeak-squeak of passing feet 
blend with the rhythm of music from the stereo
to remind us why we're here, 
wrapped in this hard-fought warmth
on a winter's night, no venturing out of doors,
no unexpected falls and broken bones,
no black ice surprise disguised as dark pavement,
waiting patiently in the road.


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Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a better picture than this to prompt poetry. Beautiful. And brrrrrrrr. Makes me want to jump in my warm pool. Does this make you like me less? As usual--fine words.