Tuesday, April 22, 2014



Phew. A kinder, gentler prompting today. Write a poem for a child. I'm dusting off my exclamation points for this one!

Grandma Week

It's Monday, it's Monday,
and Grandma is coming!
We build things and draw things
and play trucks and cars,
and then, when it's dark out
we look at the stars.

It's Tuesday, it's Tuesday,
it's greens, reds, and blues day!
Out comes the paintbox,
the crayons, the clay—
our hands are a mess
when we finish our play.

It's Wednesday, it's Wednesday,
it's paper and pens day!
Sometimes we write poems
that don't even rhyme 
or make up new words
to put in them next time.

It's Thursday, it's Thursday,
it's feathers and furs day!
We take the dog walking,
we brush down the cat,
and later we'll all 
fall sleep on the mat.

It's Friday, it's Friday
it's cookies and pie day!
We put on our aprons
and tie them up tight,
I'll lick the bowl after
and sleep well tonight.

The weekend I'll spend
with my Dad and my Mom.
We'll read and we'll cuddle,
have plenty of fun.
Then Monday will come
and I'll walk down the lane
to meet her; can't wait 
to see Grandma again!


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