Sunday, November 17, 2013



The November issue of The Light Ekphrastic is online and I have a contribution in the form of a couple of the mixed media collage pieces I occasionally do. Lyzzy Redd was my partner in this exercise. She had to write a poem based on one of the images I sent and I had to create a piece of art from one of her poems. Check out the results here.

This is She Sleeps, the piece Lyzzy used as the poem prompt. As the photo of the piece I did for one of her poems has only just gone online, I won't post it here. Yet.

This is the second time I've had a piece in The Light Ekphrastic. Last time I was the poet. Either way, it's a whole bunch of fun. If you're into collaboration I suggest you check it out. It will stretch you in directions you didn't know you could go.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm busy making books these days.

Here are 21 of them, awaiting covers. And sewing. I think one of them may be trying to call home.

Last night I sewed a Coptic bound one that was supposed to be for Jesse for Christmas, only he was here for supper tonight and mentioned, somewhat wistfully, that he'd finished his last music book. What's a mother to do? I hadn't even taken a good picture of it, and it's gone! Pretty cool pages, too—blank except for a page number on the left and staves on the right. May it be filled with wonderful music. 

Actually, I kind of knew this was going to happen. When we were consulting about staff spacing about six weeks ago he mentioned he had only three pages left in the book he was using. 

And do have a look at my interpretation of "busy street of distractions" over at The Light Ekphrastic. I got the line from Lyzzy's poem Swallowing and it wouldn't leave me alone. Heaven knows I've been a little distracted lately! 

All my life, come to think of it. 


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