Saturday, July 27, 2013



Just after the Elephant Mountain Lit Fest ended Ted and I went up to New Denver to see a show at the Hidden Garden Gallery. Judy Wapp and Donna Shaw were opening their combined show called Instauration Boogie that featured Judy's collage and Donna's fabric art. Ted and Judy and I met when we all took Tom Wayman's writing class at KSA in 1991. Judy and I were in a writing group together for years and were also part of a quartet who wrote The Noslen Enigma for a website called Slice-a-Day, an serialized satirical sci-fi soap opera that was online for a year at the end of the nineties. To say she's fun to work with would be quite the understatement. 

And it's easy to see by looking at Donna's work that she'd be fun to work with, too. She calls her creations "Stitchies" and points out they can be used as heat mats. I'd rather put mine on a wall. In fact, I gave one to a friend of mine for Christmas last year.

Here, then, are a few pictures from a lovely July evening in New Denver.

Sometimes she's serious. 
Sometimes she's not.
Her collage art pieces are amazing. In this collection Judy worked with game boards. There's Elvis! He has a way of showing up in her work.
This one's called "Exotic Monopoly". The board is not the one I'm used to!
Judy got up on stage for a few minutes with Michael Dorsey,
who provided wonderful music for the evening.
You can see where her daughter Bessie (of Bessie and the Back Eddies fame) gets it.

 I can't believe I didn't get a photo of Donna Shaw. She's responsible for the next four art pieces. She works with felt and fur (sometimes of the feline variety; as she says, she lives with three cats) and industriously sews away and comes up with these wonderfully whimsical creations. I just love her. Next time I'm in New Denver I shall seek her out and get a picture of her, too.

This series was done in honour of Movember (you know, when the guys all cultivate 'staches to raise money for prostate cancer research)

Dali and dill weed—a perfect example of Donna wordplay

Here's another

The following notice accompanied this series. Anyone who's ever smoked anything and thought to check out their encroaching pucker lines will get this one immediately. Well, maybe it helps if you have a cat.

Cat-Butt Mouth
I quit smoking over 25 years ago. Already, in my twenties I was noticing tiny pucker lines around my mouth. Indeed, smoking is a filthy habit butt many people who I like very much are smokers. 
I live with 3 cats—nice of them to remind me how things could have gone.

It was your typical Kootenay event with lots of fabulous food

The requisite scene stealer 

Front row seats for Sally and Ted

Lots of schmoozing time
Judy gets last word in any language. Check out more of her work 

on her website. You can tell her I sent you.


Anonymous said...

This so lovely! I almost feel as though I got to be there! I have one of Judy's pieces and I love it (Elvis is in it...) Heather Dale

Kim Goldberg said...

NIce, Linda. I love seeing all the photos of her art. Thanks for sharing. :)

S.E.Ingraham said...

What an absolutely brilliant artist Linda...thank you so much for leading me here. I feel honoured to have received a postcard from Judy and am going to fire one back I think to tell her so...

Linda H. said...

another great post. I love collages. I also enjoyed the humor in her work.