Saturday, April 20, 2013



You didn’t think I was going to leave that last list poem midway through the alphabet, did you? Turned out I had fun doing it, and I’m all over fun. So here, for today’s entertainment, goes:

Want. Add. (continued)

Naïve navel-gazing nail-biter seeks nubile nerd for nacho-nibbling and nookie.

Opinionated ominous oaf seeks ordinary organized orderlie for orchestrating orgasms in the orchard.

Positively portly pacifist seeks proud Pacific packhorse for paddling prudishly past the padlocked peninsula.

Quaint and querulous quarreling quadruplets seek qualified quarterbacks to quickly quaff Quaaludes.

Reasonably rotund reticent rogue seeks racy raging rake for rambunctious rave.

Sleepy single silk-swathed somnambulist seeks saucy saccharin subservient sage.

Totally teary teenage televangelist seeks telepathic techie to titillate twice tonight.

Unctuous umbrageous uncle urgently seeks ultimate ubiquitous undemonstrative underlings.

Vain virginal vicious vixen seeks vaguely venerable vibrating ventriloquist.

Wishy-washy waffling waitress seeks wacky warbling waif with wages.

eXcited xylophonist seeks X-chromosome xenophile.

Yawning yappy yearning yokel seeks yodelling yenta. Yesterday. Yikes!

Zestful zombie seeks zany zealot zillionaire.

Thanks, as always, for reading!


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