Monday, October 12, 2009

DaD-aDa-DaD Tour—Homeward Bound


Apologies to anyone who's been looking for updates here. Internet deficiencies made it difficult to post pictures, and if I didn't post pictures I'd have to write more, and that would never do!

When last I wrote we were on Fogo Island where we ended up spending four nights and became even more enchanted with Newfoundland than we already were.

Finding time to write on a blustery day

Gros Morne National Park

We spent a couple of night's in Winterton, before heading south to Heart's Content, Heart's Desire, Heart's Delight.

We came upon this Mini Village, currently comprising a working lighthouse, a powerhouse, a church and a school set in perfect proportion against a hill. A typed note protected from the weather by a plastic bag explained that more buildings are in the works: "All these current non-present replicas will be added sometime in the near future."


Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island

In Halifax, we hung with a bunch of old friends. Here's Pam and me, on the tracks.

Ted was made an honorary girl for the night.

Confederation Bridge, which we crossed from PEI to New Brunswick.

In Montreal, we went for a ride on the Metro.

We picked up bagels from at La Maison du Bagel on St. Viateur for a picnic lunch at Beaver Lake.

On to Cobourg, where we got to glue stuff and hang out with Stuart and Laurie.

In Toronto, Doug and Ted take the Bug for a drive.

Perogy Cat, our faithful companion on this trip, comes to no good with P and D's knife holder, known as "The Ex".

He and She: Day after day after day...



peN said...

Ted, the honorary girl, should stick to being a man.

Saw Fred Wah read, with emcee George B. A fun night in Van. Mentioned you to Fred & he said he knows you two.

Fun, huh?

Hope you're well. Hola to Ted.



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