Tuesday, August 18, 2009

THISTLEDOWNE IN ROSSLAND, DaD-aDa-DaD Tour on Final Approach


Two more sleeps and we're out of here! But first, come one, come all to the Old Fire Hall in Rossland (BC) for 8 PM this Thursday, August 20, 'cause Aspen Switzer and Thistledowne are going to ring your chimes.

You got your Aspen:

You got your Jessa:

You got your Jesse:

only he's looking like this these days:

Put 'em together and you got your Thistledowne:

Back together for limited engagements this summer. Rossland. Old Fire Hall. 8PM. Thursday, the 20th. Like, tomorrow, at this typing.


And what of the DaD-aDa-DaD Tour? How is that coming along? Well, they started to pack the car. And then they unpacked it, because they both know they tend to take waaaaay too much stuff when they travel. But there's stuff like footwear. He-of-the-One-Foot doesn't get that She-of-Two-Feet needs a bit of a variety. But that variety comes with a bulky price tag.

She'll wear sandals to start (it's gone hot again),
but what does she wear
when the weather cracks,
as it inevitably must?

Sensible walking shoes.
And when it gets cold?
Boots, warm, with good grips, somewhat water-resistant
—once Ucluelet's Wild Pacific Trail proved
just how un-waterproof they are,
but there was a bit of a wild Pacific storm at the time.

Actual rain boots, to go with the rain gear
she found cowering in a closet this evening.
Bulky. But necessary.
Always leave room for peace of mind.


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Floating World said...

Great Blog, Linda. I am in the process of linking it. Will let you know by email. I t has been a busy summer.