Wednesday, September 03, 2008



It's not that I don't want to. Oh, there's a slight machine, and for some reason my photo album isn't as accessible as it previously was when it comes to loading pictures. You know, those things that are worth 1000 words? Each. It's not an insurmountable problem, just a pain in the butt.

I have actually started, and left in draft form, three posts since I last checked in. I was going to write about going to Ireland, but that's when the photo problem showed up. Then I was going to write about how Jean Baird is spearheading a drive to save Al Purdy's house (Globe and Mail article here), but a bunch of company arrived and then I took off for Bowen Island and a wonderful week of poetry fellowship and writing. Happily, the drive to save Purdy's house (he built it himself with help from fellow poet, Milton Acorn) continues, as noted in two articles in the Belleview Intelligencer. Yes, I know I'm writing this from BC and the house in question is in Ontario, but the preservation of literary landmarks in Canada is something that goes beyond provincial borders. At least, I'd like to think so.

Finally, I was going to write about the End of Summer, but that doesn't technically happen for another three weeks.

And I could have written about poetry rejections. And one acceptance. And I could have written about hot summer days and seeing best old friends and swimming in the lake and my grandson getting his first hair cut by my wonderful friend, Alan, who gave my son HIS first hair cut.

I could have written about how excited and proud everyone here was when Ted's son, Anthony Crosfield, won Slice TV's SuperStar Hair Challenge.

I could have written about a local reading of poems from the anthology Crossing Lines—Poets Who Came to Canada During the Viet Nam War Era, or a Kootenay School of Writing (the ad hoc local group that brings in writers to do Canada Council-funded readings) lunch meeting with cohorts from Selkirk College and the Rossland Arts Council, or a Federation of BC Writers' potluck at the home of Anne DeGrace, the new rep for the South East region.

I could have written about participating in Paul Nelson's and Lana Hechtman Ayers' second annual August Postcard Poetry Exchange (in the archives of this blog I have pictures and poems from last year), or how I decided not to do the 3:15 Experiment this year because after three years of nasty menopausal insomnia I'm finally getting over it and I really need my sleep, dammit, or about the hike up Kokanee last week where we encountered snow, or about a lovely afternoon on a friend's houseboat, or about how the face of my Ootischenia neighborhood is changing quickly as foundations are dug and new homes go up.

I could have written about a lot of things.

But I didn't.

Because I was having FUN! Not that blogging isn't fun, but there are times when it feels just a little like a job.

So this is me, back. Thanks for checking in. I'll try to show up more often, now that summer is almost done. And I'll try to figure out the photo thing, too.


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