Wednesday, May 09, 2007



Stuart Ross, aka Razovsky, very generously drove all the way from New Denver, where he's presently doing writing workshops with some very fortunate school kids as well as spending as much time as possible holed up in a cabin being a writer, to Nelson to do a reading tonight.

Two dozen people turned out for it, a testimony to our wonderfully supportive Kootenay audiences. Like, this thing was put together eight days ago! I know for a fact that for at least one person it was their first poetry reading. He was still smiling and making eye contact at the end: always a good sign.

Also in the audience was the Heather formerly known as Fischer. She's been cracking the books at UBC for the past several years, and it was great to see her again.

Nicola Harwood welcomed everyone to Oxygen Art Centre and read some of her poems.

Also reading tonight were Bobbie Ogletree

and Judy Wapp

oh yeah, and me

Stuart read several poems from his new book, I Cut My Finger, and after the reading he sold—and signed—a bunch of books.

I vote we make him an honorary Kootenayite. Nelsonian. Valley Boy. Something like that.


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