Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The entertainment was top-notch. The Doukhobor Men's Choir. Nicola Harwood, Judy Wapp and Bessie Wapp were there for "Hello I Must Be Going", the play they wrote, with Bessie performing a couple of scenes from it. Pied Pumpkin was as manic as ever, and Country Joe McDonald livened up his stories with a liberal sprinkling of the f-word, much to the consternation of some of the Doukhobor ladies who were present. Country Joe also played some very pretty songs.

Saturday afternoon Thistledowne got to follow George McGovern, and they earned themselves a standing ovation when they sang Jerusalem. That's Mark Nykanen introducing them (Jessa Koerber has her back to the camera), and there's a shot of Aspen Switzer, who has a CD coming out soon, and Jesse Lee, my very own boy, can be seen with his guitar, and then talking with Alan Rinehard, who played some Brazilian music on classical guitar earlier in the proceedings.

Buffy Ste. Marie was on Saturday night, as was D.O.A., but I was exhausted by the time they were coming on, so I missed seeing them play, although Kyran and his friend Fidel chatted up one of the D.O.A. guys during an earlier intermission. The inimitable Holly Near wrapped things up on Sunday.

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