Saturday, June 17, 2006


A couple of weeks ago Jesse mentioned that Thistledowne was going to be opening for a poet at a house concert, and did we want to come. Duh! Any chance I get to see/hear Thistledowne perform, I'm there! A couple of days ago I was checking the start time and casually asked who the poet was.

"Shane something," he said, "last name starts with a K and has c's and z's in it."

"Really?" I squeaked. And sure enough, live, in little old Nelson last night, about 60 people crowded into Aspen's parents' place to see Shane Koyczan.

Thistledowne did four songs, beginning with Jessa Koerber belting out "Damn Your Eyes" as only she can, and finishing with "Jerusalem" which they did with no mic, and which is becoming a signature piece for them. It's going to be on Aspen Switzer's CD, which is out in a couple of weeks.

Left to right, Jessa Koerber, Aspen Switzer, Jesse Lee

And then it was time for the star attraction, the poet-sensation known as Shane Koczyan and his incredible band, The Short Story Long. As soon as he opened his mouth, Shane had the audience eating out of his hand. He made me cry at least 3 times, when I wasn't laughing.

So this is a heads-up. If you get a chance to experience this guy, do it! Even if you're supposed to be doing something else, do it! His words are warm, funny, poignant, scathing, and very, very fine.

Shane Koyczan: big guy, big words, big voice, big heart. If this is the future of poetry, count me in.

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Razovsky said...

This is a wonderful blog, Linda!

I was just in the Kootenays in April, and I miss it again already! There's such a great energy and openness for poetry Castlegar/Nelson, Kimberley/Cranbrook, New Denver/Silverton/Nakusp.

Great photo of Ted and his work, too!

By the way, stopped in at Weezie's during that last trip. I do think the Castlegar Airport's borscht runs a close second, though.