Thursday, May 25, 2006


Here I am, reading some of my 3:15 Experiment poems. I ended up grouping them very roughly so I read some "getting started" ones, followed by some "people poems" and then some "process (as in about the) poems". Threw in a couple of short, snappy ones for good measure. Read a Christmas poem and a piece of short fiction called "A Black Eye, A Swollen Lip and a Peanut Butter Sandwich", which was published in Horsefly last year (or maybe it was the year before).

Last night I was reading to a small but enthusiastic audience at the Kootenay Gallery, in the small room. Such great acoustics in that building. April, seen here, with the lovely smile, spearheaded the return of Spoken Word, and was in fine form.

I also read a poem for my mom, who was there. I think—no, I know—she enjoyed it, although maybe not as much as the pecan square, recipe from the Whitewater (ski hill) cook book. I swore I was never going to buy another cook book, but this one proved irresistible. I've only owned it a week, and already a couple of the pages are sticking together! But I digress...

After it was over a woman I don't know came up and said nice things about my reading and mentioned she remembered hearing me at one of the readings at Common Grounds last year.

How come compliments mean so much more when they come from complete strangers?

Over and out for tonight.

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