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And what, you may be wondering, is the DaD-aDa-DaD Tour?

Take one determinably footloose and wanting to be fancy-free couple (aka He and She). Add a fuel-respecting vehicle (Heidi the Hybrid*). Throw in a couple of months freed up for moseying across the country and back. What've you got?

A DaD-aDa-DaD Tour.

Meet He and She, as taken by our talented photo-taker/actress/all-round-great granddaughter, Amber:

He and She were driving somewhere a few weeks ago. She was window-gazing. He was chattering.

She: So we're going to drive all the way to Newfoundland like this?

He: Yep. Day after day after day.

She: (muttering) Day after day after day after day after day...

We figure it'll take nine days of driving to reach North Sydney (from southeastern BC), and we have a ferry booked for early September to take us to Argentia.

And we're supposed to be out of here in about two weeks! There are notes to leave for the house-sitter. Myriad loose ends to tie up. A book project to finish (about 1/4 done). And still lots of summer-related partying, and we haven't even packed yet, never mind decided what we really need to take. And August postcard poems to write (and receive! I've had about half a dozen, so far, and they're great!). And I'm even doing the 3:15 Experiment again this year, having taken last year off due to a completely fucked-up sleep schedule. (Thank you, Merry Menopause.)

When you're counting down, it all counts.

DaD-aDa-DaD 2009. We've both been wanting to do this for eons. He did it once before, only from Vancouver, with young children and a dog and a long-suffering then-wife. I've driven as far as Toronto from here, and that was in 1976. It's a road trip. It's a patriotic (ad)venture. It's us!

Of course, I'm sure, at times, it'll be a reality show in a car (and you know what reality shows can be like). She will be trying to write a poem. He will be trying to figure out how far they should go tonight. They both (separate cameras, of course) remember when that used to mean something else entirely.

If/when I get a chance, I'll be updating this. And if you're on our route, you just might be hearing from us in person.

Let the countdown begin!

*oh yes, the Honda Civic Hybrid. Love the car, hate the weird little ads that come up if you surf on over to (only if you want to; I'm not supplying the link) for a little news. "Firefighters rewarded for saving Sikh holy book" was what I went there to read, but first I had to watch little swirling images that proclaimed Civic 11 and proffered attestations such as—Canada's best-selling car for 11 years—and logo (I think there's a more precise word for one that's realized in chrome, but I can't remember what it is) and tiny red maple leaves and finally, the car itself, twirling slowly, just above the first paragraph of the story I wanted to read. The whole thing didn't last longer than about 5 seconds, maybe, but man, was it annoying! Just sayin'.

I find I get a lot of my news online now. The switch-over, for me, was the start of the West Kelowna fires. After a bit of digging and delving I discovered that some of the most up-to-date info was given me via Twitter. The first one—Glenrosa— began on a Saturday afternoon (July 18th) and just try and get decent TV coverage about something like that on a Saturday.


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