Sunday, May 21, 2006


Okay, here we go. Yesterday Ted and I drove to Nelson, where "we" kept an eye on Kyran while his mom was working and the trio his dad belongs to (Thistledowne) was singing in the rain. That's Cottonwood Falls exploding in the background.

I love watching people notice Thistledowne when they get to singing; even in the pouring rain folk were stopping in their tracks to listen. That's Jesse on the left, Aspen in the middle, and Jessa on the right. Talented bunch!

After we got the kids safely delivered home, we headed up the Valley, which, around here, means the Slocan Valley, where the rivers and creeks are full to bursting thanks to the extremely hot weather we've been having; 30 and up Centigrade, which translates to really fukkin' hot. Snowpacks are melting furiously. Here are a few pictures of the Slocan River, parts of which are so close to flooding that people have been evacuated from their homes.

We had dinner at the Mexican restaurant in Rosebery. Fabulous food, as always, and the margaritas weren't too bad either. Back in Silverton, there was an opening for a juried art show Ted put a piece in, and when the dust settled (not that there was a lot of dust given the amount of aforementioned RAIN), his gorgeous curly maple platter and dish/stand got the best established artist award. A hundred bucks and a certificate. And I was the one who first suggested he try to figure out how to stand the platter up so you could really see it!

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