Sunday, March 23, 2008

aMUSEme(a)nt ... AmuseME(a)NT ... amusement... aMUSEment!


Big news! My first book of poems is to be published in 2009 by SkyWing Press in Ontario. Now to weave a manuscript together. The title is aMUSEme(a)nt ... or, AmuseME(a)NT ... or maybe just amusement. I'll keep you posted.

•Later, much later: What was I thinking? It's aMUSEment.

Just got back from the coast again. Ucluelet, Sooke, Victoria and Vancouver. Pictures, particularly of the Glenairley retreat, to follow soon, but right now it's the middle of the night and I'm fried. But first, a little story about a washroom at a gas station in Desroche that illustrates the difference in point of view provided depending on whether you sit or stand. While in said washroom I noted this graffito on the wall. It made me laugh out loud so I took a picture of it, and checked to make sure it came out, leaving the camera in the display position after I turned it off. We took off and in a little while something caught Ted's eye and he grabbed the first camera he could, which happened to be mine, and turned it on. When he looked in the picture window to see what he was about to take a picture of, he saw this instead, and to say he didn't know what to think is a bit of an understatement! He'd used the same facilities, but hadn't seen the writing on the wall.

Someday I'm going to collect all the pictures I've taken of interesting signs I've come across and do something with them. Someday.


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