Tuesday, April 14, 2015



Today, instead of giving you a new poem, I'm going to post a link to a YouTube video and if you're so inclined you can hear me reading ten poems. It's 15 minutes of me!

I'm not writing a new one today because I'm working on a lesson/talk that I'm giving this Friday to students in various classrooms that will be connected, via the magic of the Internet, with me at home.
I'm participating in Rocking the Page! —a virtual online writers' festival convened by the Kootenays's Arrow Lakes School District #10. This involved me making a video while I was in La Manzanilla. (If you doe me you'll dotice I had a bit of a code whilst making it.)

Huge thanks to my friend Martin, who assisted with the filming and edited out the bit where I piteously called for water and for getting it all onto an SD card complete with a title so I could load it to YouTube once I got home. Here, again, is the link.

The poems:



Halfway Down He Stares

Why I'm Not Looking For the Cat

The Quilt

What's Best For Us

Salty Meringue Madness and the Traveling Fair


Just Before Dusk

Mango Dirge

And, just because in Canada this year the National Poetry Month theme is "food", here's a shot of the three men in the Friday tianguis in La Manzanilla who cut and squeezed enough orange juice to fill my two-litre jug.

Thanks for reading (and today, possibly listening). I appreciate the comments.


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Caroline Woodward said...

This is wonderful from start to finish, Linda! It's so much more enjoyable to hear a poet introduce each poem so well, to address the genesis, the context and the listener as eloquently as you do. Even with a code in the node, you sound great and the ambient sounds of La Manzanilla were lovely too!