Monday, July 01, 2013



My copies of book artist Meredith Purvis' sweet take on my poem Take a Chance arrived a couple of weeks ago. It fits in the palm of my hand!

I was especially thrilled that she made it a miniature book. I love miniatures. (The little purple book to the right of Meredith's is one I did several years ago.)

Take a Chance is an accordion book. Here it is, having a nice stretch on top of the piano.

Sneaking over to the wine glasses. It probably wants to celebrate! 

Meredith is a book artist, writer and teacher from Baltimore, Maryland. We met in cyberspace, through The Light Ephrastic, an online webzine that pairs visual artists with writers. I wrote about our collaboration here. Meredith makes all kinds of beautiful books through UpDown Press and Bindery. You can see more of Take a Chance here and other examples of the wonderful work she does here.

It's Canada Day today. A poem of mine called Good Neighbours is the Leaf Press Monday poem this week. Originally written as a winter solstice poem, it appeared in Rogue Stimulus: The Stephen Harper Anthology for a Prorogued Parliament in 2010 (Mansfield Press, ed. Stephen Brockwell and Stuart Ross). I tweaked it a little for Canada Day!

Ted and I got up early and went out to a pancake breakfast outside the Station Museum in Castlegar. Then we went over to watch Anthony and Jim as they continued their whirlwind weekend of celebrating at Anthony's grad reunion followed by completely transforming Dan and Judie's new back yard. 

This isn't even a completely accurate "before". Before there was a rectangle of ground that had been a large vegetable garden in a previous life. 

After, when the plants were being set out with the able assistance of 5-year-old Ethan. When we dropped over today, most of the plants were in the ground. Jim and Anthony, you're an amazing team in every way!

Now it's time to head off for the next Canada Day adventure, dinner with my sisters followed by watching the fireworks in Nelson from the dock. Life is good.


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