Tuesday, June 05, 2012



The issues that people are protesting about in Quebec go so much deeper than just tuition fees. Here's a link to a poem I wrote the other night in support of those opposed to Bill 78, legislation purported to be about enabling students to receive instruction from postsecondary institutions they attend that also affects peoples' right to gather in protest of anything. Even Quebec lawyers got out and marched about it!

And here's a link to a picture that was in the Castlegar News, taken at the writing for social justice weekend in New Denver.

Here's the poem:


used to be someone talking about 78s
was referring to a record
or 78 was the age of your ancient aunt
or 78 was how fast you were going
when you got caught speeding
or 78 was the year of a very good wine

well, not any more

these days 78 is a blueprint for disaster
disguised as a bill to restrain the masses
a bloated bunch of bafflegab
that aims to squelch those who would gather
in peaceful protest

well, we won’t have it
the silent majority is paying attention
and when we speak
we are louder than a cacophony of clanging casseroles
louder than sirens screaming in the night
louder than the jarring skip of needle
on a scratchy old record
and we will be heard


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