Thursday, May 10, 2012



I'd have done this update sooner, but I've been looking after my grandson while his lucky parents were soaking up the music at the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

We had a nice wrap to National Poetry Month when around fifty people came out for the launch of Nelson's newest magazine celebrating the arts, The Elephant Mountain Review. I have a couple of poems in it.

Doug Wilton, who spearheaded the event from starting Elephant Mountain Online which features new writing from people with Kootenay ties, then collected some of the strongest work for print. The Elephant Mountain Review takes over where Horsefly, a magazine born out of Kootenay School of the Arts' Writing Program back at the end of the last century (I love getting to say stuff like that!), left off.

Pippa Bowley presided over the book table.

Art Joyce read poems by and about the late Don Law. I got to know Don through the Federation of BC Writers. We miss him at these events.

Olindo Chiocca read one of his wonderful stories about growing up in Toronto.

Margaret Hornby, who launched her new collection, Love in Exotic Places, last month.

Also reading was Sandra Hartline, a stalwart of the writing community.

And my poem, Packing the Car, written when my son went off to university and I was suffering empty nest syndrome, has found its way into another anthology!

I'm spending the weekend in New Denver at Convergence: a Writers' Retreat for Social Justice. 


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