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January has turned into poetry month! First, four of us in Nelson/Castlegar have a new, poetry-writing group! We met for the first time on Saturday, and it was so good to come home with some very valuable feedback on a couple of new poems.

Today (Jan. 21), I'm the poem in your email box if you subscribe to Your Daily Poem, a website out of South Carolina that's tended by Joyce who sends subscribers a poem a day. Near as I can tell, she does this for love of poetry. On her home page, right before the poem, she says, "This site exists for one purpose only: to help dispel the ugly myth that poetry is boring." She features a lot of ODPs, of course, 'cause they're in the public domain, and they're fun to read alongside poets who writing now. (If you are reading this after today—and if I don't get this posted soon, you will be—the link will take you to the current daily poem and you can then find mine in Archives by date or name. If it be your will.) And I have to say, one of the most amazing things about this has been the feedback. A huge thank you to all who left comments. I appreciated them very much.

 At the beginning of the month I drove down to the coast, eventually to a retreat centre near Cowichan Lake on Vancouver Island. There, I spent four days immersed in the alchemy that comes with being surrounded by poets who talk poetry pretty much all the time! It was heaven.

Here's a glimpse of us:


For one evening's entertainment we got into groups and presented poems by poets like Dorianne Laux and Alden Nowlan 

and Norman Dubie, who was fêted with affection, big time!

Richard Osler did the heavy lifting when it came to arrangements

Patrick—purveyor of poetry


The occasional glass of wine was consumed

In addition to writing poetry we indulged in some pretty weird neck games.

All too soon, it was time to head for home.

The Similkameen River, about 15 km. west of Keremeos, B.C.

The Hope-Princeton part of Highway 3A in southeast BC. Always a pleasure. These bright, fancy arrows are new since the last time I drove this (which was last month). 

Home             Sweet


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