Thursday, May 14, 2009



He's becoming a bit of a legend, the Toronto poet with the curly hair, the one who used to sell his poetry on Yonge Street back in the day. Here in Kootenays, many of us have taken a Poetry Boot Camp with him, or shared a bowl of borscht, and based on his lovable quirkiness, we've sort of unofficially made him an honorary citizen, so it is entirely appropriate that he is having a Kootenay launch for his new book, a collection of short stories this time, this coming Thursday, May 21.

The book: Buying Cigarettes for the Dog, Freehand Press (my new favourite press, just read Marina Endicott's Good to a Fault and loved it), 2009.

Launch venue: The Cup and Saucer Café, in beautiful downtown Silverton, 7PM. Also appearing, special guests Diana Hartog and Peter McPhee, another former Torontonian (he was very involved with Scream in High Park from the start) who seems to have wound up in the Koots.

If you're anywhere nearby, you don't want to miss this one!

I'm calling this photo "Live Cars in Ootischenia"

Signing a copy of Dead Cars in Managua...

...which I proceeded to read after he left.

So...Thursday, May 21, 7PM, Silverton, Cup and Saucer Café. You know what to do.


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