Sunday, November 05, 2006


Aspen celebrated the summer release of her CD Narrow Sky on a rainyfoggymisty November night, filling Studio 80 in Nelson to the rafters. We (me and Ted and five friends) got there 45 minutes early (virtually unheard of in the Kootenays, never mind any of us) and soon got to feel very smug as the place was packed ten minutes before the scheduled start time with people still arriving.

Aspen sang several songs with Thistledowne cohorts Jessa Koerber, of Damn Your Eyes fame, and Jesse Lee on guitar.

Don Macdonald added the sweet sound of strings to a couple of the songs on the CD. He's program coordinator for Selkirk College's music program and was Aspen's mentor for her CD. Don also works as a film composer.

Guests performers included three of the guys from Bluegrasshopper (Jeff had to be in Ontario), one of the first groups Aspen sang with.

Here's the reason for Aspen's "do" in the first picture. She and Michael Graham did a great cover of Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors. I will never see Michael perform without remembering the first time I saw him. He did a performance piece whereby he ate an entire box of chocolates on was like watching my worst secret desire come to life!

The last few songs featured Allison Girvan and Laura Landsberg ...Here, Jessa, Aspen, Allison and Laura harmonize while Jesse provides some notes. Aspen's parents are in the foreground.

The evening ended with Aspen, Jessa and Jesse doing Jerusalem Revisited, followed by Hallelujah, with the audience chiming in on the chorus. Rumour has it it was a good night for CD sales! And if you STILL haven't heard Jerusalem Revisited, you owe it to yourself to surf on over to Aspen's website. You'll be glad you did.

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