Monday, May 08, 2006


(If you click on the subject line you'll get to where there's a picture of the cover)

Woo hoo! It's exciting to get a shiny new book that has one of your poems in it. I'm so impressed at how quickly this project got together. I submitted my work when I was in Sechelt, I believe it was. Or maybe it was Ucluelet. Beginning of March or so, anyway. And here it is, May 8, and it's in my hands.

I'm really very happy with some of the poems I got out of the 3:15 Experiment. Here's what's happened to some of them, so far:

4 will appear in the Fall 2006 New Orphic Review
1 got an honourable mention in a Canadian Poetry Association contest
1 wound up in a chapbook called "Love the Main Course" published by Beret Days Press for The Ontario Poetry Society
1 is in the "Between Sleeps" anthology
1 was short-listed in the United By the River writing contest organized by the Columbia River Writers
2 are in the new Workworks magazine, as part of an article I wrote about the experiment.

All from poems written in the middle of the night, in varying degrees of consciousness.

Go figure!

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